Our Lady Queen of Martyrs

Roman Catholic Church Hereford



Church and Church Hall Redecoration Announcement - Made during mass on the 15th September 2013

Hello my name is Richard Seamarks and I’m the chair of our Parish Advisory Council.  I promise I won’t keep you long but on behalf of all the parish advisory council representatives I wanted to give you an update on some of the things which are happening & inform you of our next big project which requires parish support.

Looking back, a couple of things to update you on – you may remember when it rains heavily our church car park gets flooded near to the path way to the church entrance.  I’m pleased to say contractors are starting next week and should remove this problem.  Also a few months back a new heating system was installed which will be more efficient and turn a cold church hall and parish room into a warmer environment. 


Looking forwards, as I’m sure many of you will have noticed the Church Hall and indeed here in the Church are in need of repainting.  The last time it was painted was back in Father Martin’s era and has stood the test of time well but as with our own houses from time to time it could do with a fresh lick of paint.  The church hall is in more desperate need, but if we look here in the church you can see where the age of the paint is taking its toll.  If we look towards the back left hand corner of the church as you come in you can see what I mean. 


And if you go for coffee after, please do take a look at the church hall and parish room walls which are also in need of freshing up.

At the past couple of PAC meetings, we’ve debated do we try to do the painting ourselves or do we try to raise the money and bring in some professional painters.  For various reasons, including the length of time it would take; legal concerns and quality of finish we’ve concluded it would be best to bring in professionals.  In choosing professionals, we’ve agreed a stringent set of criteria – particularly as we would be letting them into our holy Church.  To that end, at least one of the companies we’re looking at it “used” to working and respecting the building their in and was chosen recently to paint the Crematorium.

To bring in professionals, the quotes coming back to fully prepare, paint and finish off the Church and Church Hall are approximately £10,000.  This I realise is a large sum of money, but in our recommendation is the best way to proceed and preserve our buildings for the next 15 to 20 years.

If you would like to support this cause we’ll be running a second collection specifically for this on the 20thOctober 2013  If you can claim gift aid, we’ll also have some gift aid forms available so that we can we can boost your donation by a further 25%

If we are able to proceed with this work, I’ll be back in touch as we would like everyone to have input into the best colour paint for the Church Hall.

And looking out towards the medium term, we’ll be looking into the renewal of the church carpet which is about 18 years old and it’s doing very well but as I’m sure you’ll agree is showing wear.


Thank you Father for allowing me to make this appeal today and to you all for anything you can do to support our fundraising appeal on the 20th October 2013.  We will then continue to run 2nd collections for this cause until the fundraising target as been met.